"Our mission is to offer our residential customers a professional and reliable fence install. Whether it be a new install or an emergency repair service our company will be with you from A-Z." - Christopher Mowry , President

Customer Satisfaction:

Allstate Fencing Co. understands that customer satisfaction starts with arriving at your home on time. You won't have to interrupt your day, wasting valuable time waiting on your install. Our on-time record is second to none, and we arrive ready to work. Your service technician will apply the same attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job, large or small.

Done right from start to finish:

Plenty of people say they can install a fence fast, but what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish in an orderly manner. Whether it's a brand new install or replacing your old fence and putting up new choose the professionals qualified to do the job: Allstate Fencing Co. Our reliable fencing install services are performed by highly skilled craftsman.

Honest, Upfront Pricing:

We perform all work using an honest, upfront pricing format. Our Time + Materials billing ensures that you pay only for the time spent working at your home, not an inflated estimate. We are experienced in over 20 different types of product and are up to date with any new product on the market today.

Safety First:

Allstate Fencing Co. takes the safety of our customers very seriously. As a quality install service, we perform comprehensive background checks on all of our employees. We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer service by setting standards of cleanliness and courtesy for our employees so you can trust that you are working with professionals.

Your Choice for All residential fence or railing installs Big or Small:

Allstate Fencing Co. is a professional fence install contractor. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From hanging one panel to installing multiple panels of fence, no job is too small or too big for us. Our technicians have many years of experience and are professional, insured, and reliable, so you can feel care free having our technicians working in your home.

Our service is available throughout the Rochester, NY five county areas:

We service all of our workmanship from beginning to end and if necessary afterwards too. Fencing Rochester with the latest and up to date material is our quality assurance. Whatever type of fencing is right for you we can install. Whether it's wood fencing, metal fencing, aluminum fencing, wrought iron fencing, vinyl fencing, or chain link fencing we can install it. Install it properly, timely, and with quality workmanship.

Do you have questions?

Give Allstate Fencing a call and we'll help you with any questions about the various types of fencing available and what may be best suited for your needs. Free estimates are also available.
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Here are some FAQs about building fences.

Q: I’ve heard about New York Fence Law, does that apply to me?
A: If you are building a fence in a municipal area, where the property is divided into lots and subdivisions, then rural fence law does not apply. If you build in an area where livestock is common, and the lots are measured in multiple acres, check with your local county commissioners or city office, rural fence law may apply to you.

Q: Do I need a building permit?
A: Check your local regulations, each town, city, and municipalities have their own regulations:

Q: Do I have to have my neighbor’s permission to erect a fence?
A: Sometimes. In some neighborhoods there are various deed restrictions requiring a neighbor’s permission or requiring a certain kind of fence. In others, there is no such restriction. A wise neighbor talks to the surrounding neighbors before erecting a fence whether required or not. It’s just the nice thing to do. You never know when your next door neighbor is thinking of building a fence, too. You could share the cost and maintenance!

Q: What kind of fence material is the best?
A: First, know what’s legal and accepted in your town or neighborhood. For instance, Dublin forbids pvc fencing of all kinds, and most areas forbid barbed wire. Each material has their own pros and cons. Wood is the most popular, and a reasonable cost, but needs to be stained or painted and maintenance. Metal fencing is durable, doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, but is expensive, and expensive to repair. It also offers less privacy. Vinyl fencing is less expensive, doesn’t need to be painted, but can yellow over time, and can warp in the heat of summer. Wire or mesh fencing with stakes or posts is the least expensive, but many neighborhoods have regulations against it, and it does need some maintenance. It also offers less security and privacy than wood or vinyl. Your fencing contractor can help you choose the right fence for your neighborhood, city, and site. Most offer free estimates on site or online.

Q: Can I attach my fence to my neighbor’s fence?
A: In most areas you can, but you should always talk to your neighbor and your zoning office first. In some areas, if you attach or abut your fence to your neighbor’s, he can ask you to pay for a portion of the joint fence line. If the neighbor objects, consult your zoning office, you may be able to simply sink a fencepost of your own a few inches from the neighbor’s fence and still use the adjoining fence without touching it. In other cases, you can’t, so it’s worth asking both the neighbor and the zoning office!

Q: I’ve heard I have to have my fence facing out, is that true?
A: In most areas, you must have the “pretty” side facing out, and the support structures facing in. One way to deal with this restriction is to sandwich the support structures between two “pretty” sides. It does add cost, but your fence will look nice from any direction. Or ask your fencing contractor about fences that are equally attractive from both sides. They’ll have a variety to choose from.

Q: What if I choose to put in a living fence, like shrubs or arbor vitae? Do I need permits? Are there restrictions?
A: Yes. Even the rural fence laws provide for living fences and have rules about them. Check with your local zoning office for details. Also, consider your site and the upkeep of live plant material. Visibility laws also apply, so you may end up trimming and limiting your live fence several times a year.

Q: Once I put in a fence, am I required to paint or stain it? Are there maintenance laws?
A: It depends on your neighborhood or city. Most places don’t require paint or stain, but they do require the fence to be in safe condition, and weeds to be under control.

Q: I’m planning a fence, but there’s a utility easement in our backyard, what should we do?
A: Check your zoning office before doing anything, and definitely call to have utilities marked before you or your contractor digs. If your fence is the first to go up, talk to your contractor and zoning office about excluding the easement from your fence line. It may make your yard appear smaller, but you won’t have to be responsible for access to utility poles, boxes, and lines. If yours is the last fence to go up, and the boxes or poles are essentially only accessible from your yard, be aware that the utility companies know this, and will expect to continue accessing their equipment through your yard. You can plan ahead by having a double gate on one side of the house, and asking your contractor to make a portion of your fencing near poles or boxes to be easily removable. That may save you considerable time and money later on!