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Alternate board privacy

Board on board privacy

Batten board privacy

Dog-eared privacy

Picture frame privacy

Gothic picket

Custom cedar

Arched or Scalloped Gate
Ornamental aluminum fences

Ornamental steel fences

Pool fences Cemetery fences

Residential grade fences

Ornamental driveway gates

Arched or Scalloped
Privacy vinyl fences

Semi-privacy vinyl fences

Vinyl picket fences

Contemporary vinyl fences

Vinyl horse fence

Lifetime non-prorated warranty

Arched or Scalloped vinyl gates
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Double-drive fences

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Fencing Rochester and the five county areas is what we have been doing with over 25 years of experience. No matter what type of yard enclosure you may need; wood fencing, ornamental fencing, vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, aluminum fencing or, wrought iron fencing, Allstate Fencing can help.

All of our workmanship fully insured and all of our installers are background checked. We guarantee our installations of any and all types of fencing will meet your satisfaction.

Free estimates are available and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the best fencing for your needs. Give us a call or email us with any questions we may be able to help answer for you.

Fencing is not just some post stuck in the ground, or something to separate space. No, fencing needs to enhance your property. Fencing needs to blend in with the beauty and distinctiveness of your home and style. Whether it's simple chain link fencing, or a decorative wroth iron display, Allstate Fencing can help you plan and choose the best type of enclosure that will satisfy your unique situation.

Enclosures come in a variety of styles, materials, practicalities. There are so many to decide from; Alternate board privacy, Board on board privacy, Batten board privacy, Dog-eared privacy, Picture frame privacy, Gothic picket, Custom cedar, Arched or Scalloped Gate, Ornamental aluminum fences, Ornamental steel fences, Pool fences Cemetery fences, Residential grade fences, Ornamental driveway gates, Arched or Scalloped, Privacy vinyl fences, Semi-privacy vinyl fences, Vinyl picket fences, Contemporary vinyl fences, Vinyl horse fence, Lifetime non-prorated warranty, Arched or Scalloped vinyl gates, Galvanized fences, Color-coated vinyl fences, Steel fences, Security fences, Cantilever gates, Double-drive fences, Dog runs fences, Baseball backstops fences.

Let our experienced and professional sales staff guide you toward the high-quality fence that best meets your home’s safety and privacy needs. We have many fence options which include western red cedar, split rail and 3 & 4 board, ornamental, pool grade, and vinyl.

Commercial Fencing
We service a variety of businesses: large contractors, municipalities, small and large businesses, and property owners. Commercial fencing options include chain link, high security, ornamental, gates/access control, athletic complexes and custom steel fabrication.

Custom Iron Works and Signage
Give your business or home a unique look with custom iron works. Let us design and fabricate an elegant iron fence solution that meets your needs. We specialize in wrought iron fence, specialty engineered applications, and signs and branding.